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PeltEvents legt de nadruk op een totaalbeleving van een evenement. Dit gaat van conceptontwikkeling, tot de uitwerking van het idee in een gedetailleerd evenement, met de nadruk op professionaliteit en ‘experience’.


Deciding on a Virtual Info Room Company

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Virtual data room professional is an internet tool that provides a protected and efficient way to talk about documents among companies. VDRs are often used to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, joint projects, and asset management. However , vehicle being used in a great many different industrial sectors and scenarios as a secure and straightforward solution for the purpose of document…

The value of a Data Room intended for Startups

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Data bedrooms are one of the most important regions of a startup's fundraising method. They provide a secure environment for storing and sharing confidential data with potential investors. An information room enables your startup to communicate with prospective buyers in a more specialist and valuable manner. The consumption of a data area also demonstrates your company is certainly serious about…


‘PeltEvents Invites’ #2 – Carstens Surprise Apr├Ęs-Ski Party!

november 16, 2019

Halloweentocht Lindelhoeven 2019

Halloweentocht Lindelhoeven 2019

oktober 25, 2019

‘PeltEvents Invites’ #1 – Kevin’s Birthday Bash

augustus 10, 2019

Medewerkers Quiz

maart 29, 2019

Halloweentocht Lindelhoeven 2018

oktober 26, 2018

Pelter Drive-In Movie

augustus 11, 2018

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